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    nd Mount Kenia and on the great plain adjoining Wagombi’s country, down towards the Guasa Nyero River. Olomondo came to see me, and, according to the custom of the country, brought me a present of honey. It is a

    meeting of surrounding tri
    bes for blood brotherhood
    under my auspices—Dancing
    frenzy—Native ideas of a
    future life—Again trek f
  • 彩票公司

    lways customary when making a visit to a stranger to bring a present, and the 190 recipient is himself expected to return the compliment by giving a present of at least an equal value to the one he has receive

    or the unknown—Attacked b
    y natives—Chief’s admoni
    tion—Decide to visit the
    Wanderobo chief Olomondo—
    Wanderobo gluttony—The ho
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    d. This man was plainly quite a different type of native to Wagombi’s people, being rather sharp-featured and practically the same as the Masai. I found out, in the course of conversation, that his clan numbered

    ney bird—Wanderobo method
    s of hunting—Massacre of
    a Goanese safari—My narro
    w escape—General uprising
    of hostile tribes—Rise o
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    about six hundred men, besides women and children, and that their kraal was about two days’ march to the north-west of us. He mentioned the Maswatch-wanya, and told me that in the course of his hunting he had s

    f the Chinga tribe against
    me—My precarious positio
    n—Successful sally and to
    tal defeat of the enemy—M
    y blood brother, the Kikuy
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    een these pigmy people, but had never got into communication with them. It was Wagombi’s boast that Mount Kenia belonged to him and the Wanderobo were his people, and joined him if there was a fight. I afterward

    u chieftain, comes to my a
    id with thousands of armed
    men—Total extinction of
    the Chinga people During
    my stay at Wagombi’s anot


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sheep. He invited me out to his camp, saying that he ha




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    d some ivory for sale, and also saying that there was any amount of game out on the plain, and asking

  • ers, who

    me to go hunting with him. This I promised to do later on. Incidentally, he complained 191 of the K

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    ikuyu getting his ivory, as many of the elephants his people wounded strayed away and died in the fore


st, and the Kikuyu would find their bodies and take the ivory. I told him that I was afraid I could not do anything in the matter, as it was quite impossible to trace the ivory. The Wanderobo knew the commercial value

of ivory, and had sold it to the Arab and Swahili trad

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